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We are living in an age where people want to taste different delicacies of various counties. Atho Corner is a famous Burmese eating point at Chennai, where you will experience the authentic taste and cooking from Burma prepared from a treasured family recipes.

Atho Corner is a restaurant exclusive for Burma food at Madipakkam, Chennai.

Burmese culture is not only one of the oldest, but one of world’s greatest cultures. Food is the essential feature of Burmese culture. Burmese cuisine reflects a history inspired by surrounding countries and ancient traditions.

At Atho Corner every bite is a rich experience with a taste and aroma beyond compare.


  • New Appetizers

    Atho Corner goes beyond just a restaurant provide guests with a new, wholesome and innovative dining experience that interacts on various levels. [...]

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  • Menu Update

    Having discovered highest-grade blends, we concentratevery specifically on collecting teas that pair perfectly with our food. [...]

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  • Fresh Ingredients

    We believe that food tastes best when shared with people you love. Our basic ingredients are sourced locally and prepared fresh each day. [...]

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    To help every team member to succeed, we offer extensive training, competitive benefits, and a place you can call home. [...]

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